Let us help you toddlers understand their emotions and physical changes as well as develop positive behavior.

Toddlers are in a stage where they experience changes in sensory perception. Everything around them will seem like a whole new world.

At Creative Learning Center, we understand that children start learning the moment they’re born, and the environment we create forms a crucial developmental foundation. At our childcare center, we provide a caring and nurturing place for your toddlers, where they can feel good about themselves and find comfort.

Our toddler care program develops several areas of development:

  • Thinking
  • Feeling
  • Movement
  • Social Skills

Physically, toddlers may take off in every direction to explore every sensation they perceive in the world around them. However, they must also feel safe while doing so to stimulate curiosity and develop a love for learning. And this is our goal at Creative Learning Center!


Is your child ready? Enroll now! For questions or concerns, you may leave us a message at any time or give us a call.